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Just watched Konosuba Season 1 and 2, and I can say that, I didn't laugh to a anime that much since a very long time!
Good job Studio Deen! You're the best!^^
The remake is over! Now, time to start that Sento Skinsuit story!

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Finally escaping the possessed monster, Shaggy, Scooby and Mary Jane were celebrating their victory while still moving on their ATV. Scooby looked at Mary Jane who was looking him while smiling and laughing.

Scooby laughed too but afterward, Shaggy said to Mary Jane to duck as a branch was getting in their way. But while Shaggy did ducked, Mary Jane didn't and her face hitted the branch, which knock her back before she come back to her normal position.

She frowned  as she was recovering from the shock. Her eyes were closed and her mouth seemed to have no teeth anymore. Instead, they were just darkness. She then looked at Scooby and suddenly, Mary Jane open her reveal monstrous green eyes coming out inside her eye pocket. Her mouth show a monstrous mouth inside it too. It was beyond clear: Mary Jane was possessed by the same monster that possessed Fred and the others.

Scooby was terrified and let out a "Ough!". Mary Jane was still looking him while her face begin to distort as if the monster was wearing Mary Jane like a suit.

As she was going to fix her face, a sudden "BLURGGG" was heard. And shortly after, a bulge begin to grow in Mary Jane's short until it stop.

Shaggy: Woah Mary Jane! I don't know what you're doing but...could you please get less closer to my back? It's hard to drive this thing when you are not fully concentrate you know?

Not saying anything due that it's voice will not able to sound like Mary Jane since her mouth is distorted. The creature get less close to Shaggy until it's bulge wasn't touching Shaggy back. Here, it looked at Scooby again and grabbed her cheeks. Shen then begin to stretch them like a mask as the monstrous eyes inside the eyes pocket begin to move in every sense. It continue to strech them and move them until finally, it release them and a big "CLACK" was heard as Mary Jane face snapped back into itself. The monstrous eyes were no more here and the monster mouth inside Mary Jane mouth wasn't here too, being replaced by her teeth. But for a brief moment, Mary Jane's eyes glowed green before going back to normal. The possessed Mary Jane smiled as she hugged Shaggy while laughing a little (Tough, she taked some distance so that her bulge didn't touch Shaggy back).

After some times, they finally arrives into a place in front of what look to be a temple. Shaggy and Scooby stopped their ATV and jumped out of it with Mary Jane. The two of them celebrated their  escape, until Scooby interrupt him.

Scooby Doo: Shaggy! Mary Jane is a man, look!

Shaggy turned back as he wasn't sure of what he heard as Mary Jane tried to put back what was inside her short before Shaggy saw it. But alas for her...

Shaggy: Mary Jane, what is going on?

Unable to get out of this situation, Mary Jane looked behind her to see Shaggy face. Before turning around to show what was wrong.

Shaggy couldn't believe what he was seeing as Mary Jane had a ashamed expression on her face but Scooby know it was fake. Mary Jane looked at Shaggy and walked to him as Shaggy walked backward as she said.

Mary Jane: Shaggy!...listen, I know this is beyond what you tough of me have to understand!

Shaggy: Understand what?

-That...Listen, I didn't want you to know this. Because so many peoples rejected me despite everything that I done, I am...a hermaphrodite.

- A...hermaphrowhat?

-Hermaphrodite, a person that have two gender. I was born a woman but I had also man genital. Ever since then, peoples rejected me just because I was like this. Every person that I love always mocked me or were repulsed for that even tough I didn't have the choice. Shaggy, I really wanted that you never know that, because you were so gentle to me. I wanted to be with you and I still want to be! So please...Shaggy...don't leave me alone again...

Souding really serious and having a serious and desperate expression on her face. Shaggy wasn't sure of what to think until Scooby Doo howled at Mary Jane who wanted to approach Shaggy, until he get out between Scooby and Mary Jane.

-Stop, Scooby! It's not her fault if she is like that! Stop agressing her!

Not believing that Shaggy was protecting what was obviously a monster trying to charm him. He begin to insult his inteliggence.

-Shaggy! She is a man! Open your potato head!

-Potato head?!? Oh yeah, that's how you want to go bro?!

Offended by this last remark, Shaggy to ready his fist for a battle, which Scooby accepted for sure. The two were fighting while doing poses, while Mary Jane was looking silently with a sinister look on her face.

Posing and moving closer to the gath of the temple. Shaggy and Scooby prepared to throw their fist at at each other when out of nowhere, a gap open below Scooby paw as he fallen into it and disappear  in the darkness.

Shaggy sitted on his knee while screaming Scooby Doo name and regretting instantly his fight with him. He then get up on his feet and looked at Mary Jane who was watching with a passif expression.

-Scooby have been eaten! I have to save him, just wait me here I be right back.

He then looked back at the hole until Mary Jane said to not go but with a deep male voice and a angry expression. Shaggy turned back, not sure of what he heard. Mary Jane repeated itself but with her normal voice and a sad expression this time.

-I mean, it's too dangerous.

Still confused of what he heard before. Shaggy repeat that he have to save Scooby at all cost. And as he was going to dive in the hole. He heard the same deep male voice as before saying:

-I didn't want to do this. Since I wanted to play with you a little more, but it seem I have no choice now.

Shaggy looked behind to see Mary Jane with glowing green as she shrieked at him with a green gas coming out of her mouth. Which Shaggy breathed, before he pass out, he let out a little "zoink" before finally losing consciousness.


-Human, open your eyes!

Still a little dizzy due to the gaz, Shaggy opened his eyes and looked around. He seen that he was in a cavern and that there was a mechanical arm above a cauldron in front of him. But more importantly, he saw that his arms were restrain by lock. He moved in fear as he call out for help while looking left and right. Until he saw...


Daphne was looking at Shaggy in silence with a cold expression on her face as she walked toward him. Despite this, Shaggy was in joy to see her again.

-Daphne! Oh thank god you're here, can you help me with those thing?

She didn't answer back and continued to walk to Shaggy who begin to feel that something was wrong. When Daphne was close to Shaggy, she looked at him for some second until Mary Jane call her.

-Don't touch him! He is mine.

Mary Jane was in front of control panel. Staring at them with the same cold stare that Daphne had.

Shaggy was unable to understand the situation, until Daphne talk with a male voice.

-OK then, I leave you take care of him. For me, I am going to look at this body more in detail. I'm also going to change my outfit and rejoin the others for the ritual. Don't take too long.

She then walked away and looked back at Shaggy one last time but her eyes glowed green for a moment before going back to normal. She walked to the exit and only Shaggy and Mary Jane were in the cavern now.


-The person that you saw isn't the Daphne you know anymore. She have been replaced....forever.

-Bastard!! What did you do to her? What did you to do to Fred and Velma?! What happened to Scooby!? Who are you?!?

The fake Mary Jane said nothing but a evil smile apparear on her face as she looked Shaggy vain attempt to get out. But she quickly regain her cold expression as she looked the control panel.

Shortly afterward, the mechanical arm begin to move toward Shaggy, with a claw at the end with a little light coming out of it. Shaggy naturally begin to freak out.

-Wait, what is this? What are you doing?

Mary Jane stayed quiet as the arm was getting closer and closer to Shaggy's chest. He struggle again to get out before the claw reach him but sadly...

-No please no!

The claw passed through him and grabbed something as a light come out while Shaggy screamed.


The claw then pull out something from Shaggy chest. Who then lost consciousness as his body went a blue spirit-like head of Shaggy staring at his old body.

-Wait, like, zoink! Why I am seeing myself sleeping? And why I feel so light?

Not knowing yet he was a spirit. Shaggy moved in every sense until he remarked that he was moving away from his body.

-Hold on, where I am going? I am not even feeling my leg or my stomach! What's going on?

Mary Jane laughed a little but quickly regain her composure. The arm finally reached the cauldron and Shaggy was just above it. A few inch of falling in the sea of protoplasm made from the thousand of soul of the peoples of Spooky Island.

-Zoink! What is that?!

-The place where you and your friends belong.

Shaggy looked at his body again, only to see Mary Jane in front of him. Looking at him with a evil smirk on her face.

-Ah!! How did you manage to be here that fast?

-This is not the question. Tell you want to rejoin your friend? Or do you want to have a body?

-Wh-what do you mean by this? I-

Mary Jane interrupted Shaggy with his demon voice as it screamed at his face.

-Silence!! I will accept one answer! Accept or go rejoin your friends!!

Completely out of the loop and afraid. Shaggy decided to accept the proposition since that, it would be the end if nobody else was able to fight back.

-OK OK, I...I accept.

A moment of silence happen again before Mary Jane break the silence.
-Good, now, the second phase can start.

She turned around and approached Shaggy lifeless body and removed the arm restrain and hug him.

-What the heck?! Hey! Don't do weird stuff with my body!

Not paying attention, the fake Mary Jane opened Shaggy body mouth and open her own mouth and closed her eyes. Shortly afterward, a sloshing sound coming out of Mary Jane until green dust come out of her mouth and enter Shaggy body.

Shaggy protoplasm jaw was completely open at what he was seeing due to how scary and surreal it was. It continued until the final bit of green dust enter Shaggy mouth. Mary Jane body begin to fall but Shaggy body catch her before that. And let out a evil stare at Shaggy.

-Oh man, is this how I look like when I am angry?

Demon Shaggy posed Mary Jane body on the place where Shaggy was placed before and then approached Shaggy protoplasm and took him out of the claw.

-Wow, hold on, my body...I mean, my head isn't ready!

-Don't be afraid, you and your girlfriend are going to be one.

Both Shaggy were in front of Mary Jane lifeless body. Demon Shaggy put the protoplasm of the real Shaggy in front of Mary Jane, who begin to slowy open her mouth.

-Wait, I am going to be Mary Jane? I am going to be a woman?! I-

As always, Shaggy was unable to finish his sentence as he was absorbed into Mary's mouth.

-Like, zoink!!

Shaggy entered Mary Jane mouth and immediately, her body begin to spasm out until it stopped and Mary Jane begin to breath...with Shaggy voice.

-Oh my lord, that was like, the most weird experience I ever had since my freshman year in college.

-Great, everything seem fine, how do you feel?

Shaggy Jane moved a little and looked at his hands.

-I feel...slimer and hot...

Shaggy, continue to look at his body while Demon Shaggy laughed a little.

-But, why do my crotch feel so weird?

-Oh, don't worry, since I had this body shortly before I had to find the both of you. I wasn't fully compatible with it and thus, when that branch it me. Something grown out between my legs. But while you were sleeping, I fix it.

-No, I meant, why it is so flat?
-I...I think I will let you play with this body before I take care of you. I will see if your body is good enough to me.

He then walked away but Shaggy wasn't paying attention. His hands wanted to touch his crotch but he feel like it would be a insult to the original Mary Jane. Instead, he caressed his new belly.

-It's so soft...she don't eat alot but I can feel that she eated Scooby Snack lately...

He caressed his belly for several minute until he decided to change for a bit and begin touch his hairs.

-She have so many, they feel so soft too!

Shaggy was enjoying itself while Demon Shaggy wasn't very happy with his new body.

-Urgh, this new body stink. I tough it will be better to be honest. Human male are really not great. Sigh...I guess I will have to change for a more woman-like body after I be over with the human.

At the same time, Shaggy was moving his new hips left and right while smiling and looking at his new body.

-Oh yeah! I love this new body! Hey, if I get out of here, maybe I could even live with this and see myself na-

Shaggy stopped moving and his happy face dissipear as it realized what he just said.

-(Oh, oh my god. This is so wrong on so many level. I...I should feel ashame of myself)

He then looked downard and take a moment to feel bad about itself as he tough that, if Mary Jane was here, she would never forgive him. He then breathed a little while closing his eyes and looked away as he say to himself.

-Ahh...Zoink. I hate myself sometime.

Shaggy and Mary Jane Possession - Remake
Hello there! Here I am with another protoplasm story! Or rather, a remake of the first one! You see, the first one was made was because I wasn't sure at the time if I should write story about that if nobody is going to watch it. But after some talks with some person that I know. I decided to write the first story and after the positif reception, I decided to continue the stories. However, the first story wasn't that great, and I wished to remaking it so that it could be better along with some new things here and there.
So, I hope you will enjoy it! As always, leave a favourite and/or a comment if you like and say what was you favourite moment in this story! Until then, have a good day! :D


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Hello! I am Red Hunter X, I am a Swiss that like doing original stuff. I am currently working on 3 original story :
The Heart of Ice
A Normal Day in the Body of Mme.Susaka
The Fives Night of Jack
Those 3 series are all different in their concept, story and character. Normally, I do doodle of the character and I write stuff about them. But my sister also do some doodles for me.
If you are interest in one of those 3 project, say it and i will be happy to answer you!
I also like thing like Gender Bender, Mega Man, Smash Bros, Hellsing and alot of others thing.
On those word, I hope you will have a good time!


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